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The provider of choice for glaucoma and cataract care in the midwest.

Michigan Glaucoma & Cataract is Michigan's premier practice for the treatment of disorders affecting the anterior portion of the eye, including glaucoma and cataracts.  Because of this exclusive focus for 20+ years, and a dedication to innovative procedures and techniques, we are able to provide the finest proven and cutting-edge technologies, surgical techniques and medical therapies.  Referring doctors and patients can trust us to provide the highest quality of diagnostic and surgical care to optimize patient outcomes.  We very often provide second opinions and revisions of previous surgical procedures.

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When you are first diagnosed with glaucoma it can be quite frankly, scary. Glaucoma is a very common and devastating eye disease that can result in vision loss and blindness. People who are diagnosed often had no idea or warning signs they had glaucoma. At Michigan Glaucoma & Cataract, we offer experienced and state of the art care to help combat this challenging disease. Our doctors are all glaucoma fellowship trained and our staff has decades of glaucoma experience. We strive to offer the best possible care and support from the second you walk through our doors.

If you have been previously diagnosed but want a second opinion, we are often sought after for this service and would be happy to confirm or create a custom treatment protocol. We aim to be a leading Michigan Glaucoma treatment center!

So, what really is glaucoma all about?

The simplest definition of glaucoma is a condition of the eye where the intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye) is elevated, causing damage to the optic nerve. This damage prevents the optic nerve from functioning normally and can lead to vision loss. In most patients, a normal intraocular pressure is between 8 and 21 mmHg.

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Glaucoma Diagnosis

The impact of glaucoma on your lifestyle.

In addition to checking vision and eye pressure, diagnosing glaucoma primarily involves a careful dilated optic nerve examination.

The optic nerves connects the eye to the brain, transmitting information, thus allowing us to see. A careful optic nerve exam can assess if optic nerve damage or glaucoma is present. It is also important to not only detect glaucoma but assess the severity of the disease as well as whether or not the disease process is stable or progressing. Various diagnostic tools, devices, and techniques are used by our ophthalmologists to help make these important determinations.

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Glaucoma Treatments

Make sure you understand all your options.

It is well studied and documented that lowering eye pressure can slow down or prevent optic nerve damage or glaucoma.

Currently to lower pressure we use eye drops, laser procedures, and glaucoma surgery.

Generally, we start with less invasive treatment methods prior to considering procedures or surgery. There is ongoing research looking at other treatment options in addition to pressure lowering, however they are not well established yet and not part of basic glaucoma management at this time.

We are optimistic that other treatment options will be available in the future.

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Glaucoma Surgery

Advanced intraocular pressure and when surgery is required.

Sometimes, even with full compliance to the prescribed medical treatments, patients with glaucoma may need eye surgery. While surgery cannot restore any lost vision, it can help protect your remaining vision and prevent this condition from worsening.

Glaucoma surgery involves either laser treatment or making a cut in the eye to reduce the intraocular pressure. The type of surgery your doctor recommends will depend on the type and severity of your glaucoma and the general health of your eye.

Surgery can help lower pressure when medication is not sufficient. However, it cannot reverse vision loss.

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Glaucoma Risk Factors

Knowing when regular eye exams could save your vision.

There are a few factors that can put you at risk for glaucoma. These include:

  • Age, (People over the age of 60 are more at risk.)
  • Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease (suggested in some studies)
  • Eye Trauma
  • Corticosteroid use (hydrocortisone, prednisone, steroid eye drops etc)
  • Other eye conditions such as eye inflammation, retinal detachments, and tumors
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Race (African Americans are more likely to get Glaucoma)

If you’re over 60 or exhibit any of these other risk factors, it’s very important to have regular eye exams as early detection and treatment is crucial to lowering the risk of vision loss and blindness.

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Our Services

Glaucoma Consultations

Cataract Evaluations

Laser Procedures

Your Choice for Advanced Cataract Surgery

You will be using your new eyesight every waking moment for the rest of your life. Please take as much time as needed to consult with us as well as your family. Our surgeons, technicians and coordinators are available to help you make the best decision.

Things to think about before cataract surgery:

  • Should I consider laser cataract surgery instead of traditional cataract surgery?

  • What type of lens implant would be best for me after cataract surgery, a monofocal, astigmatism correcting or full focus multifocal lens implant?

Do you need cataract surgery and are searching for a reliable vision correction solution? Consider our premium options for lens implants to improve your sight after a cataract is removed. These lifestyle lens implants allow you to have freedom from cloudy vision and glasses.

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Dr. Tom Obertynski

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Dr. Stephen Walters

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What Our Patients Say

"If you are choosing a glaucoma specialist, this is the ONLY practice I would recommend. Dr. Obertynski and his staff are all I could hope for to treat my cataracts. He has always provided me the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment than I have received anywhere. If you are looking for a practice with the most medical knowledge and takes the time to be caring and efficient, then Michigan Glaucoma & Cataract is the place for you."

- Frederick

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